Tuesday, May 15, 2012

US & Mexican immigration policy: terrorism

One of the most difficult things for activists today is getting accurate information about what is going on in other countries since media is owned & controlled by a handful of oligarchs. Disinformation is their stock in trade. This difficulty lends itself to conspiratorial & libertarian thinking & has put many people on the wrong side of a struggle in some countries. One example of this, just 10 miles from here, is the Mexican drug war. With US special ops forces & drone flights now deployed in Mexico along with over 45,000 Mexican soldiers, you’d think they’d be making a real hauling of drug gangsters. So it’s remarkable that while few drug traffickers have been killed, arrested, or prosecuted, over 50,000 civilian Mexicans have been killed in shootouts allegedly between the military & the cartels. And in the past few years, there’s been a terrifying increase in gruesome mass killings always blamed by authorities on rivaling drug gangs. The overwhelming evidence however, is that the victims in these mutilations & beheadings are immigrants making their way to the US border. All of them are along the migration route, all are disfigured so identification is impossible. Even a lying-assed media has begun to at least mention that as a possibility. And the likely murderers are US & Mexican military & paramilitary death squads. That’s a speculation for now but mark my words! Demand the US pull its agents & aircraft out of Mexico! Demand the end of racism in US immigration policy! Open the border! (Photo of Mexican soldier by AP)
The Huffington Post

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