Sunday, May 6, 2012

Canoodling in Pyongyang

If you believe all the US network reporters now sending hushed, clandestine messages from the middle of Pyongyang's central square, you’d think the North Koreans did nothing all day but weep & wail about the death of Kim Jong-il & goose step all over town singing “No Motherland Without You”. But here we have a couple canoodling in the park after a badminton game. Who knew they still had bourgeois things like love over there!? Makes you wonder about a lot of things. After Kim Jong-il didn’t flinch against US threats at the 2000 summit with none other than Madeline Albright, the US authorized a psychological profile showing his fearlessness in the face of sanctions proved he was antisocial, paranoid, sadistic, narcissistic, schizoid like Saddam Hussein. But much more like Madeline Albright, who said the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children from US sanctions was “worth it” to achieve US policy objectives. There’s no question the North Korean regime is repressive but it’s nowhere near as dangerous globally as the US regime. It’s up to the people of North Korea to change their government & not a US right to bomb who doesn’t respect their bullying & hegemony. (And since the passage by Obama of the NDAA, that opinion is also hushed & clandestine.) (Photo by Ng Han Guan)

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