Monday, February 2, 2015

Negative views of Israel soar in the UK, new survey shows

Tens of thousands marched in central London in solidarity with Palestine on 26 July 2014.

Israel ranks as one of the world’s most unfavorably viewed countries among the UK public, second only to North Korea.
A new survey by the UK think-tank Chatham House finds that 35 percent of the UK public have an “especially unfavorable” view of Israel.
This is double the 17 percent who held such a view during the previous survey in June 2012.
Only North Korea was viewed more unfavorably, at 47 percent. Thirty-three percent had an “especially unfavorable” view of Iran, and 28 percent held such a view of Pakistan, the next most unfavorably viewed countries.
By contrast, just six percent of the public had an “especially favorable” view of Israel – barely changed from five percent in 2012, putting Israel behind Japan, India, Brazil and South Africa.
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