Thursday, July 24, 2014

Israel bans radio broadcast that named children killed in Gaza

A Palestinian man takes a wounded boy to hospital following an Israeli strike
A radio broadcast that announced the names of some of the children killed during the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip has been banned in Israel. Human rights group B’Tselem was told by the Israel Broadcasting Authority that the broadcast was “politically controversial” and has already had an appeal against the ruling rejected. “Is it controversial that the children [aren’t] alive? That they’re children? That those are their names? These are facts that we wish to bring to the public’s knowledge,’ B’Tselem said.
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  1. They are massacring children, and no one knows how many are buried!

  2. Holy holocaust, Batmitzvah Man!

    What are "Good Jews" around the world going to do when they aren't given a Shoah Pass because Ashkenazis act like Nazi.

    Tamerlane killed 17 million people.

    The only reason Jewish suffering wins the Whining Olympics ist that so much of it was documented at the time (notes, memos, photos, films), then later amped -up by Jewish directors doing Jewish films in Jewish Hollywood pretty much solely focused only only Jewish suffering.

    Just like today. You know, 3 land-stealing kids get abducted and it's seen as a VERY BIG DEAL. But 25 Arabs in one family..."Who cares."

    The blow-back from this latest Israeli evil is not going to be good for Juden world-wide. No one is going to blame the Amish.