Monday, November 11, 2013

Ali Abunimah: Yes, John Kerry, there can be a single, democratic state in Palestine

Electronic Intifada
US Secretary of State John Kerry is in despair over the all-too-predictable fact that negotiations between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel have made no progress.
He should get used to that. The only thing his renewed “peace process” was ever likely to achieve was to provide a convenient cover for ongoing Israeli theft and colonization of Palestinian land.
Kerry seems to know this. In an interview he gave jointly to Israel’s Channel 2 and the PA-controlled Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation on 7 November, he addressed this rhetorical question at Israel:
How – if you say you’re working for peace and you want peace and a Palestine that is a whole Palestinian [sic] that belongs to the people who live there, how can you say we’re planning to build in the place that will eventually be Palestine? So it sends a message that somehow perhaps you’re not really serious.

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