Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Syria human rights update

When Saeed Razavi Faghih returned to Iran after studying abroad in France, he received a summons to the Revolutionary Court six days later. Authorities promptly sent Faghih to the notorious Evin Prison, claiming he violated a travel ban – though his outspoken journalism has gotten him in trouble before.

At the opposite end of the region, in Marrakech, a student solidarity march at Cadi Ayyad University ended violently with Moroccan police using intense force to shut down the rally. One arrested student, Abderrazak El Gadiri, was tortured by police and died the next day as a result of injuries.

In Syria, authorities continue to withhold information on student Mohammad Abdulqadir Talib, arrested months ago for donating $20 to impoverished Iraqis. Talib has been subjected to extreme torture to admit false acusations against him.

Some Syrian teachers have met even more brutal fates. The Syrian Human Rights Committee has recently reported the death of two teachers killed under torture. The corpses of Islamic studies teacher Yusuf Jabbouli and secondary mathematics teacher Mohamed Ameen al-Shawa have been returned to their families after their arbitrary arrests.

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