Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Across the Middle East, young people like Mr. Fawaz, angry, alienated and deprived of opportunity, have accepted Islam as an agent of change and rebellion. It is their rock ’n’ roll, their long hair and love beads. Through Islam, they defy the status quo and challenge governments seen as corrupt and incompetent.

In their own words

"Because we know as Arabs that we never knew justice, never knew refinement, never knew superiority whether it is political or social or in any field, without Islam. Islam was always the solution. Islam is what elevated us. So if we are only directed to Islam, we will be liberated from many things. We will be liberated from Western domination, our society will grow economically, our political dealings, whether internally or externally, we will be stronger in our external dealings and even in our internal political affairs it will be better because Islam will abolish many bad things like the wasta for example. Islam will abolish it. So like they say, Islam is the solution."

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