Monday, June 9, 2008

From the Angry Arab:

I like it that Zionist fanatics have become--particularly since Sep. 11--quite open about their bigotry and racism. Here is Benny Morris: "Reading Avi Shlaim's review of my book 1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War ("No sentiments in war", May 31), I was less than happy with his accusation or hint of (my) anti-Arab "racism". I have nothing against, nor find anything wrong with, the Arab "race". But I do find much that is appalling about Muslim Arab culture, society and politics - the intolerance towards women, homosexuals, Jews, Christians, Hindus, indeed towards anything and anyone who is different." This is exactly like Nazi anti-Semites who used to say that they did not hate Jews but that they hated "Jewish culture." And what is the "Muslim Arab culture"? And don't you like those people who are uniquely and selectively sensitive about individual rights but only as a justification for their bigotry. These are people who vote for racist, sexist, and homophoebic parties in their home countries but feign concern for individual rights to justify their hatred of Muslims. (thanks Hugh)

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