Friday, May 23, 2008

The 19th Arab National Conference communiqué or Not so happy in Yemen

The congress was formed in 1990 by a group of Arab nationalist intellectuals and politicians alarmed by the growing conviction within official -- and some non-official -- circles that the era of Arab nationalism had come to an end. Twelve years after Egypt first broke rank with the Arabs and signed the Camp David accords with Israel in 1978 the stage was being set for the second major U- turn. Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinians all went to Madrid in 1991 for "peace talks" with Israel, since which a series of agreements has been signed under the pretext of the promised Palestinian state that has yet to materialise. Israel, meanwhile, won the recognition of the vast majority of Arab states which ended their political and economic boycott of Tel Aviv.

The American imperialist project continues to impose its domination and control of the region by: directly invading and occupying parts of the Arab world as in Iraq; indirectly invading other parts by proxy, as in Ethiopia's presence in Somalia; intensifying sectarian and ethnic divisions in Arab countries, overtly in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia and Sudan; pursuing plans to weaken the Arab regional structure to replace it with a Middle Eastern order at the service of US- Zionist interests.


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