Wednesday, February 5, 2014

BBC finally admits bias over pro-Israel commentator presented as neutral

Jonathan Sacerdoti on the BBC (Screenshot)
The BBC has finally admitted that it breached its own impartiality guidelines when it presented a pro-Israel commentator as if he was neutral.
The finding published yesterday by the BBC Trust, the highest level of complaints adjudication at the broadcaster, relates to appearances made by a commentator called Jonathan Sacerdoti during Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Cloud” bombing of Gaza in November 2012.
Sacerdoti was described simply as “director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy,” but has a long and ongoing history of pro-Israel campaigning, including a stint as director of public affairs for the Zionist Federation – a fact which was not made clear to viewers.


  1. "... a fact which was not made clear to viewers." Simple oversight I'm sure (sarcasm alert). Now they're going to find a new "impartial" commentator.

  2. Tom Gross, the former Middle East correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph, defended Mr Sacerdoti.
    He told the JC: "Mr Sacerdoti is one of the more balanced commentators used by the BBC on the Middle East. If the BBC is going to have a go at him, they should have a go at virtually at everyone they invite to discuss the Middle East, including some of their own correspondents."

    Who could disagree with that?
    From Tom Gross's Wikipedia entry -
    "He has been sharply critical of the BBC, arguing that their Middle East coverage is slanted against Israel."