Friday, August 30, 2013

Opposition to US-NATO intervention not an endorsement of Assad’s regime

Many regard Bashar al-Assad as a benign ruler now besieged by US-NATO military aggression. They believe opposition to his rule is solely fostered by covert operatives trained, funded, & armed by US-NATO governments assisted by Israel. But for many months before the civil war emerged there was un-refutable documentation of a popular uprising against Assad. There was probably no Arab uprising more documented by thousands of videos than the Syrian uprising. Aborting that uprising was exactly the strategy of the civil war.

Opposition to US-NATO intervention is not an endorsement of Assad’s regime. It is an endorsement of Syrian democracy, of opposition to foreign meddling aimed to protect tyranny in Syria under another guise & it is to allow Syrians to finish the job of social transformation they began in 2011.

This is a video of Ibrahim Qashoush, a 34-year-old fireman, poet & songwriter who led protest anthems during the uprising. In July 2011, he was kidnapped & thrown into a river with his throat cut & his vocal cords ripped out. After his murder, he was hailed as the "nightingale of the revolution,” the troubadour of social transformation in Syria.

May our brother Ibrahim Rest in Peace & may we honor him by demanding “Hands off Syria!” so that the cause he & thousands of others have given their lives for can be completed.

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  1. When the protests first began in Syria I remember backing the protesters. But then Assad started making massive reforms, like revising the constitution, authorising a multi-party political system, and limiting presidents to two terms...aka in 2014 Assad is out. But none of the changes were good enough for the foreign-backed opposition. They wanted full control, and would routinely slaughter civilians to accomplish it. To cheer that murder while claiming to want a new Syria where human rights are respected is a gross hypocrisy. And we know now that armed militant groups were created early on, “prior to the eruption of the Syrian uprising and along with it,” with the result of 48 documented deaths in the police and army, in the first few weeks.
    It is time to turn the guns onto Jordan. That regime should be facing the same "freedom" movement.