Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Carl Bernstein: yesterday's hero; today's toady!

In an interview today Carl Bernstein fully expressed the contradictions & sycophancies that make up not just the persona of Carl Bernstein but the crisis of investigative journalism. He is a Pulitzer prize winner, which has the political cache of the Nobel Peace Prize & Charmin toilet paper ratings. The investigative journalist cum ass kisser became famous for his reporting with Bob Woodward on the Watergate scandal associated with the Nixon regime in the mid-1970s. Quite frankly, since then it’s been all down hill for our boy--from muckraking to gossip journalism.

For Bernstein to have the temerity to suggest Edward Snowden is a coward for “running” rather than stand his ground & take his medicine like a man isn’t just political naivete; it is treachery & the sign of a man too compromised by fame & vanity to respect.

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