Saturday, February 2, 2013

Teen puts SodaStream’s Superbowl Ad to shame

SodaStream builds seltzer-makers in occupied territory on the West Bank, but even as a global boycott campaign is gaining traction, the company is seeking to rebrand itself with a $4 million Superbowl ad-buy tomorrow-- describing itself as "holistic and environmentally friendly"--when anyone who has studied the company knows this is absurd. The new ad will be blasting into over 100 million American homes after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter.
SodaStream's new message: its product "empowers consumers." As CEO Daniel Birnbaum tells Business Week:
You’ll be sitting in your living room surrounded by dozens of bottles and cans, some of them trashed on the sofa, and then comes the ad for SodaStream, a little tiny brand that maybe you’ve never heard of, saying, “Wake up, America, there’s a smarter way! It’s magic!”
Little tiny Soda Stream? Smart? Magic?
Check out this fantastic little tiny homemade SodaStream Spoof Ad by Amal, produced by St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. This teen puts SodaStream's marketing to shame.
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