Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fox News caught in a fraud attempt

Fox News attempted to cover the post-election-fraud protests in Moscow, but decided that the truth wasn’t exciting enough, so they spiced it up with some footage of the riots in Athens, thinking that no one would notice the fucking palm trees.

Yes, Russians feeling duped by Sunday’s documented, obnoxious election fraud are tense and angry out at Triumfalnaya Square, but without the specific fires-in-the-streets and scary revolution-y unrest imagery Fox News would have preferred… so they went ahead and repeatedly transplanted it from Greece. Also, cute headline typos. (“Puttin,” etc.)

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  1. Mme. Clinton is kicking up a fuss about these elections being rigged (true), but it appears that, if they had been conducted fairly, the Communist Party with an allied party would have collected 51% the votes and been able to form a government.
    So how genuine is Madam's indignation?