Monday, December 19, 2011

Afghanistan should watch out; vulture capitalists on the prowl

Antony Loewenstein

Although it receives little media coverage, Afghanistan has vast energy reserves. This is perfect for foreign firms to exploit a very vulnerable country. This story on ABC highlights the Australian role in this sordid activity:

Link to the article.


  1. VAA, respectfully, Afghanistan is a very poor country. Afghanistan is getting $15 billion a year in international grants. By contrast the Afghan government only generates $2 billion a year in revenues.

    Afghanistan's eduction system is almost fully funded by international grants, for example.

    When Afghanistan's largest copper mine contract was one by a Chinese company in 2008, I knew the global left would attack the Afghan government and Chinese. But from Afghanistan's point of view, it was a way to generate revenue.

    Now Indian companies have won large iron deposits.

    Likely Afghanistan's trade, business and investment will be dominated by China, India, Pakistan and Iran for the forseeable future. That is good. That is the way Afghan poor people work their way out of poverty.

  2. Anan
    2 people who visit this blog make me feel nauseous. Fleming amd you.

  3. I am pro Afghan. What is wrong with that?

    I think that those who think Afghanistan should remain poor and not be able to trade, invest and conduct business with Chinese, Indians, Iranians, Europeans, Pakistanis, Japanese, Americans etc. are deeply racist. Do you disagree?

    What other way is there to facilitate poor people making themselves rich?