Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poem by Musab Iqbal

This lovely poem by Indian poet Musab Iqbal has layers of meanings. One way it can be read is as anthem to envisioning a world suitable for human beings to live & love in. But let him speak for himself:

There is a logic of harmony
An unknown relationship between
Objects of presence and subjects of non-existence
What comes before the thought
Rests in the garden of silence
Few flowers smile when the sky shy
Savaging winds are the newsreaders of future
And trembling mountains are messenger
Of days that will end before the last book is written.

With a secret step towards the future
The waves whisper with all might to blow
All the cords that connects time with its entirety
Worthless earth beg for the last sight of dead moon
Nerves of celestial body swell in proud when the
Eternal shine of destruction rises above
all the retarded structures.

Smoke will absorb the time of desire
And the gaze of stars will kill the night without dreams
When the traveler will move out of your heart
And your eyes will be a burnt forest, and then a new world
Will be resurrected without emotion, without pain
A new reading of text will free pain with meaning
Freedom will then be a movement within, without
Existence of grand exterior.

- 26 June 2013

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