Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Intersectionality!? Or just racism?

Am I the only one to go to sleep when sociologists come at us with a batch of new words to complicate the evident!? Any working class kid (Black or white) flipping hamburgers at McDonalds or cleaning toilets would tell you to stuff that intersectionality crap. Only well-born academics could believe working class kids--male or female & of any nationality--do not understand the relationship of class to gender to nationality. Or that a working class girl of any nationality doesn’t get that things are not square in life. It’s so annoying to be thought stupid.

In researching a series of articles on the history of the women’s movement, my adrenalin is reaching new heights of inflammation. Feminism is reproached for not including Black & Latina women. So women like Rosa Parks, leading the Civil Rights Movement (which preceded & inspired feminism) & changing human history needed white girls to lead them to the promised land!? Those who do sociology should first study history & get their facts & time lines straight.

Black feminism, combined with civil rights & Black labor history, has a remarkable & long social history. The PBS series, “Makers” denied this because it was produced by ignorant & provincial white elitists. Feminism is not about elite white US women trying to break some damned “glass ceiling.” It is an international & monumental struggle that resonates in documented women’s struggles all over this planet going back decades. It involves Egyptians, Mexicans, Russians, Palestinians, Moroccans, Kenyans, South Africans, Colombians, Chileans, French, Portuguese, Indians, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis, & on & on. It is the historic struggle of women of every nationality against oppression & violence & the petty-assed indignations we are forced to endure. Patronizing is just another insult. Black working women can take care of themselves; they don’t need white saviors--but they do demand respect.

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