Saturday, August 4, 2012

Now's the time for solidarity in action

This is the wall surrounding the old Union Carbide (now Dow Chemical) factory in Bhopal, India. Just because the London Olympics 2012 committee turned a deaf ear to the appeals of Bhopal victims in the interests of corporate sponsors, just because the Indian government & oligarchy are beholden & grovel to Dow for immense financial gain, & just because a US court beholden to corporations rejected the appeals of victims of one of the worst chemical catastrophes ever, that doesn’t mean we have to be silent or daunted or give in to a sense of powerlessness. We should become more belligerent & creative & determined in supporting our brothers & sisters in Bhopal. We should find ways to exert immense political pressure on Dow to do the right thing to clean up the environmental pollution in Bhopal, to compensate all those affected as the victims dictate & require & as justice demands. This is an instance of when human solidarity means the difference between unimaginable & unmitigated human suffering & just a bit of justice & relief. Now's the time for solidarity in action!

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