Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swedish professor Mattias Gardell : It was premeditated Murder , 2 people killed by shot to forehead, one shot in back of head

Gardell: Israel committed premeditated murder

Israel has used massive military assault against a peaceful relief effort. They have committed premeditated murder and guilty of piracy, "says Mattias Gardell, who was on board the ship in which nine people died.
Mattias Gardell is a professor of religious history at Uppsala University and initiator of the convoy In Gaza. He landed early on Thursday morning in Istanbul, together with a further six Swedes who had been imprisoned in Israel after that boarded the convoy of Israeli soldiers.

Many, many hundreds of people gathered at the airport to receive the three planes with nearly 600 activists of various nationalities. The Swedes were met by Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and fly on to Stockholm, with the first plane tomorrow at 08:50 local time from Istanbul.

According to Gardell, there is no doubt that the Israelis were aware that the convoy was peaceful and unarmed. The vessels were inspected in accordance with all applicable rules for passengers and cargo before they left Greece and Turkey.

- Everything was filmed. The Turkish aid organization JIBS wanted to show that everything really went right.. And I really want to emphasize that it completely was a peaceful, humanitarian intervention, which consisted of generators, prefabricated houses and schools, tröskmaskiner and more, "he says.

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